Juggernauts Defend the Stronghold

Juggernauts Defend the Stronghold


C&C gentlemen. V:v:V

Why is the one on the left standing there being fucking useless?


Also, they have a Vault right behind them. Why aren’t they using it?

Because he would be wasting bullets.

It’s just one zombie. :geno: They’re fucking Juggernauts. They are guarding the vault, hence the title “Juggernauts DEFEND the Stronghold”.

rim lighting is pretty bad and the muzzle looks flat

Still kind of new on rim lighting. As for the muzzle flash, how do I make it look…thick? Thanks for commenting.

poor fred, shot in the head, now he’s dead :wink:

They seem to be floating a little.

My bad. :saddowns:

I think he means that the muzzle flash is taller than it should be, giving it a “flat” appearance.

Oh, I see. I’ll remember that for next time. Thanks!

I dont really know a way but to change your camera angles

when i used picture muzzles, i tried to make the angle fit my skill so it will be easier for me to put muzzles on the pic

Okay, thanks.

Pretty good atmosphere.

Thanks. :smile:

But that rimlight doesnt fit in, it’d require stronger lightsource.

I felt that the lamp was giving off a strong enough light source, I suppose I was wrong.