Juggernaut's having a break and burning corpses...

Hey guyz i am new on here and this is my first screenshot ever so dont troll it please…(lol and i dont know how to upload images directly)


This is pretty bad, even for a first. Stay the hell away from ugly filters, it only makes your bad picture worse. Work on your angles and posing, way too much wasted space. Well, that’s what I can make out at least. The shitty filter makes it hard to make anything out.

Horrible. The posing is bad, it’s badly made in general and you couldn’t even use image tags! Please go around the forums a bit before doing stuff like this. (I STILL haven’t posted a pose on this forum and it’s been a while since I joined, so I’m gonna make sure I practice a bit before I upload my first time)

this is worse than the time chesty fell down the stairs

From what I can see, which is not alot(with the blur and filter) I can’t really see the Juggernaut’s having there picnic I guess that’s what they’re doing, just heaped Citizen models that are on fire and an American Bradly from the Military Models Pack that the Russian’s don’t use it’s kind of too mis-match of things. But keep at it, try and improve and soon(hopefully) you can acheive cool pics.