"Juice me" - Chev Chelios about to be shocked (Crank)

For the movie scene competition, obviously:


Original scene:

That makes me want to see that movie.

good recreation

loved that movie,but the ending is pretty much “WTF???”

Very nice… basically perfect…

Nancy Nitpick: It just HAD to be a fucking Desert Eagle… :argh:

That’s a damn good re-creation. Great job simkas!

Agreed, Desert Eagles are practically cliche now :confused:

I think they’re use for Comic Relief now. And do I sense some Crank models?

That’s why I use revolver magnums.
On topic, couldn’t have picked anyone better than Francis.

that rocks

looks really good
good job

Yeah it’s good simkas.

Crank was so much fucking funny-ness.

I loved it.

Good model choice. Good recreation.

I tried making a Jason Statham head skin several times, but failed horribly. So not really.

And about the desert eagle, he picked it up from a dead gangster and you know gangsters love using desert eagles.

Real gangsters use glocks.

are YOU using a glock ?

Haha awesome

Agree I’m gonna go with the 1911 again tis’ way more fun of a gun

The 1911 is what I prefer as well. And just to clarify, I do know that he was using a Desert Eagle in the movie, I’ve seen it many times.

well, considering you can see that he is holding a Deagle in the movie’s screenshot…