Juicy's "GMOD Scenes And Shit" Thread

Since I couldn’t find a fresh thread about posting **FINISHED **GMOD screenshots and videos I’d figure I’d share MY work on MY own thread about MY own work (lot of caps, I’m expecting a big bang [sp]mezzokoko’s the one to come, eye no et.[/sp]

My first work is anime [sp]OH FUCK![/sp] themed. It’s a GMOD screenshot. It’s Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. (old Naruto, fuck the new ones) Gotta tell you, I am not really impressed with this. I’ll tell you why.

  1. The models that came from the Naruto add-on for GMOD suck balls. They’re rigged like shit and this was a serious pain in the fucking ass to create.

  2. They’re shitty models, Sasuke looks fat in the face and it looks stupid to me. If someone can get models from Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1 AND 2 for GMOD I’d be so grateful…

  3. He never had a curse mark skin to begin with. Neither did another model I had a look at.

  4. Face posing and finger posing REALLY SUCK. I mean why couldn’t it be simple and convenient like the TF2 character face posing and finger posing?

  5. That curse mark that I drew on his face really sucks, too. I mean it doesn’t look natural, I can’t even tell if I got the yellow eye right. I’ll look later, but this is the lesson in using online tools…

Onto my next finished GMOD scene, more city based, actually dated 1978 (in the world of this screenshot) it’s a drag racing scene. This too was a pain in the ass. But in the end, it turned out better than my Naruto scene. (this was done before it, though.)

No image editing here except my watermark (which in the end I think you guys understand why I have it in place…)

I appreciate your feedback. It’s late, though, so that’s enough GMOD work for tonight.

Thanks for visiting my thread!

watermarks work best when they’re hidden in the image in a way that stops you from noticing it if you’re not looking for it. otherwise they’re nine out of ten times just plain obnoxious.

you may have to turn up your graphics, your anti-aliasing setting seems to be disabled entirely. this is most obvious in the second picture, with the jagged edges showing clearly on the cars and lamp post.

many people over the years have tried (and still try) to make good anime-themed scenes in GMod and SFM, but they’re all doomed to fail from the start. when doing something like that, you’re placing a 2D-style character in a 3D environment, which already costs you some of the stylistic consistency you’d otherwise have if you were working in the character’s natural 2D habitat. additionally, there are no fitting anime-style environments or objects available anywhere, so you’re looking at an inevitable art style clash that destroys any scene on a fundamental level.

also, we don’t really do user-specific megathreads here. it’s better to post the scenes that you’ve put loads of effort and time into as their own threads, and then include more hastily made or not-as-good-in-your-opinion shots as “bonuses” in those.

Good advice, I will remember the anti-aliasing for sure. As for the models. I personally think just using normal rigs for the models would work fine.

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles is purely 3D, and watching gameplay of it the game is better detailed, so models from there would probably be better.

As for the user specific megathreads, I think you’re wrong because someone else has a thread called “This is where I sometimes post vehicle screenshots” (or something along the lines) and he posts his screenshots. So… why is it I can’t…? :s:

by the way, this is why I need a Linux version of Hammer so I can make maps that will fit.

That’s just where I go to dump easy test scenes. I don’t put my main stuff there

Oh. My mistake. x(

Shit, well what exactly is the gig with not having a personal megathread?

It will split up the community, everyone’s gonna only check the threads made by the specific users they like so newcommers would quickly be ignored.

Ah, I see now. Maybe a mod will take this down later… (if a mod does take this down I advise they send me a quote of the original post so I can re-post it in a proper thread.

You don’t need to wait for a mod - you can just not post in this thread, it’ll drown eventually

You can also proactively send a private message to a mod and ask them to close the thread. It’s better than just waiting for them to clean up your mess.