July 2021 - News? August WAYWO?

Well, where are they? :disappointed_relieved:


I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any too.

People are posting in the Discord WAYWO, I’ll create one later this week if none are up. Might have something to show off then

I assumed most are posting to Discord instead. The last one in July only had 2 or 3 actual posts. Don’t really think people are posting to the forums. I was also planning to make one but after the July one I didn’t bother. Adam can make one if he wants or anyone else really.

I think the waywo posts are good every month, I wonder what the mods think? anyone can post it really :o Discord gets filled with clutter easily :\

I think he means the blog post

I personally think it’s kinda dumb to make each month a new WAYWO thread, especially when they don’t even get a lot of posts or go over the posting limit ( WAYWO July only got 3 posts in the thread lol ).

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Yeah probably. Most people left the forums once the official discord opened up