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Light Cookies is the tasty term used to represent textures that can be used on light projections, people that are familiar with Source 1 commonly remember it as a projected texture.

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Love the progress!

looks great!

Amazing work as always. Really digging the main menu.

This is the future of gaming

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On the topic of searching/filtering gamemodes, would you also consider adding an option to search for specific authors, or even namespace tags since you’re doing those for user content (i.e. mytag.crap)?

Alternatively, if this already isn’t an option, enter an author’s profile to view all of their content gathered in one nice little space.

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Now add true graphical settings

I can’t wait to see the additions to the VR.

Yous are doing pretty well, can’t wait to see what yous do more with construct along with the gamemodes and VR!

Also as much as Is I still feel the queue system isn’t quite right in terms of how people are feeling about it or the community, I understand now that maybe this is the best for keeping a steady playerbase and making sure yous don’t get mobbed. I can respect that at least, hopefully most of everyone else will too…

Amazing update and I patiently look forward to playing it. Gary’s mod is the game I played the most in my life and that not including when it was just a mod before it was a sold on steam.


Lookin good :sunglasses:

Looks great, fantastic as always.

Very good

Oh man, I hope your son and wife have a speedy recovery. Hopefully it wasn’t one of the variants they caught ):

can’t wait to get my hands on it

Great stuff all around! Construct is looking sexy!

Woo, thanks for using my Terry Poster for the flashlight Sam

from my Terry Art thread.