July Update - News — Rust

This month we've added some useful assets for community map makers - the most notable being the introduction of tiled cube prefabs. The current collection features over 60 cubes with materials including brick, wood, metal, concrete, plaster, metal, cloth and more.

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Good changes. Always happy to see optimization, and the slug buff is nice. The “Problematic Content” thing is fine, as long as it stays server-side and this doesn’t turn into a Microsoft/Mojang situation.

Please add the FSR 2.0 to the game, this will make the game available to some players with an old GPU

Awesome update!

But there is yet still 1 more bugg out there, double reload crossbow. It’s actually a bugg since experimental and yet never fixed. the bugg: right after reloading trying to shoot while pressing the reload button. Your character reloads the already loaded crossbow. :slight_smile:

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There is update issue with servers who runs with linux. They cant get servers up and rust havent comment this issue to anybody. There is lot of servers down still because there is no fix patch. https://umod.org/community/rust/43361-server-crashing-on-startup?page=3

Yeah anyone running a Linux based server is getting sqlite errors and the servers will not load. As a server owner I am getting very frustrated as are my players because we cannot play on the server I am PAYING for. It has now been over 24 hours since this issue was first brought to light and the only acknowledgement we have is that you are aware of an issue with the new update and hope to have it fixed today but today is almost over and still nothing.

where is the customizable recoil, scum

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I wonder if there is any reason for no longer showing the custom map name. How am I supposed to know what map it is?! :frowning: Still shows on the Rust + app though. Weird. :confused:
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Rust is one of the most beautiful games in which you want to shoot footage, but unfortunately camera updates come out very rarely and changes are not significant, although the camera in Rust is one of the most important game mechanics, I as a player who lost interest in gameplay find it interesting to shoot game moments and make cinematic videos. A year ago on the devblog “contacts” you said that you would add editing keyframe and rendering video, but after some time there were only minor changes that have no effect on the recording, it’s too bad because most of the editors are waiting just add camera path as in hlae or gta5, it would have greatly simplified the recording and would have more opportunities to record, previously just impossible camera trajectories.