"Jump for it!" (Soap Mctaverish jumps off the ship)


I felt like doing a scene from the opening mission from COD 4. C&C?

Soap Mctaverish
I thought it was Mctavsh but okay :smiley:

Seems more like pouncing than jumping, but good job none the less. Perhaps make it slightly darker w/more contrast.

have an art

Rain and lightning aren’t that good, but the posing is decent.

Someone who hates their kid.

Who names their kid Soap anyway?

I have no clue. Here’s a darker version of the picture:


Feel free to edit it if you want.

Edit: Here’s the original picture:


His Parents

Tap And Towel

“Soap’s gone and turned into a hunter!”

The posing seems quite unnatural.

In the mission he doesn’t gets “catched”, he hangs on the end before getting saved :wink:

“Soap” Mactavish.

its McTavish yeah ^ good i didn’t like the lightning so much though

Which is what would happen in this screenshot, he is not close enough for the guy to grab him.


Sure he is.

I like how the key says “the gravity” and yet the arrow trail goes upwards.

I think you may have over exaggerated the distance in the jump. There is no way in hell he would land near Price, especially when you take in the distance that he’s already been traveling from the ship. The ship actually seems further than it looks in this picture, I’m also positive it wasn’t this huge of a jump in the actual game, but I could be wrong.

Youre quite smart are you xD?
Its a joke :b

Don’t type like that, it makes you seem like an idiot, you don’t want to be an idiot do you?

Anywho, I think it was great!

If that helio moves at all hes going to miss. I would be scared shitless to be dragged down into the ocean by a cargo ship.