" Jump for it !!!! "



Loose ends

Everything is looking great, although i would definitely do something about the textures

Should have added snow on the guys

Where’s the Steyr from? It’s fucking horrible, don’t use it ever again. There’s a pretty detailed one (that also actually looks right) kicking about somewhere, look for that one instead.

Also, posing is solid, but a boring picture. The background is completely plain and the subject matter isn’t interesting enough to balance it out. At least find a better background, with something going on.

you horrible : ( , I have seen many your words, but You always have criticized

p.s Of course, I did not mean well

Excuse me?

If you can’t handle criticism, fuck off to wherever you came from and post your poses there. Otherwise, I suggest you unfuck your attitude and do it in a hurry.

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If you can make a picture without fucking something up, I won’t criticise it, same way I act towards everyone else here. Come back when you can either do that, or accept the crit you get rather than shrug it off like a baby and make the same mistakes with every new thread.

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hahaha okay rate all my posts dumb like the spoiled little child you are, if you perceive that as some effective means of being hurtful all the more reason for me to reciprocate it!

okay , u have MSN account ?

You just shrugged off criticism and now you’re getting pissy, why in the fuck would I want to add you on MSN? Even if I did, I barely use it, so no.

u said to me ‘Where’s the Steyr from?’ i just give you

p.s okay, im so sorry I was stupid

I wanted to know because I want to avoid it, I sure as shit don’t want to use it. It looks worse than something fresh from Kurit’s anal ring.

Kurit’s anal ring. ?

what’s mean

Something very, very bad.

Use this one instead, it’s the best I’ve found - it actually looks like the real thing, at least the Austrian version anyway:


thx :slight_smile:

goddamn rossmum i love you… kurits anal ring ahaha

Use depth-of-field.

I was wondering where did he get that AUG.

i like this a lot

some great posing

the motion blur is totally unnecessary, though

I just want to know what the hell that orageish thing in the wall is.

nerd fight ftw

I can’t believe that guy can push people with his finger!