Jump hack?

My mate was banned on server for this: http://www.twitch.tv/trausi/c/3594709


I jumped sometimes there and i got fucked in the air and when i felt on good side off the rock i didnt get dmg too.

it was bug imo.

whats your opinion?

What? He jumps on a hard downward slope, and falls far enough to injure himself. I can’t tell if you are calling him a hacker (you are an idiot) or if you are saying he was banned for jumping down a slope (they are idiots)?

watch this guy in front of me, not me(im trausi streamer) and my friend jumped before me and got fucked up in the air

its a bugg that can be abused , he didnt do it intentionally so no it should not be banned common bugg some ppl abuse it even to raid houses sadly.

anyone else?

he’s clearly aimbotting and should be reported to the local police station