Jump in the faia

Finally I got creative. Enjoy yourself, bitch!
Inspiration from :rock: :

Listen to the song or else :cop:


And finally, a pic I made when i wanted a new background. Don’t know how to do it though…
Aaanywho, here you go


Rate heart if you love Metallica :v:

C&C would be appreciated

Nuff said…

dont you ruin my thread with such things…you cruel man -_-

:downs: i was watching hentai! :sotw:

what does that have anything to do with this thread?


I don’t think I should talk to you anymore cough* cough* weirdo

no more replies…I am dissapointed

Kyno, shut the fuck up before this section ends up trying to kill you, stop trolling before you get reported. And you piss enough people off around here that they will do that.

1st picture is great, second picture is good too, but the tentacle on the guy isn’t wrapped very tightly.

You’re really starting to piss everyone off, Kyno.

Anyway, nice picture. The posing is spot-on.

Like the first best. Nice posing.

The second one looks really nice actually!

The tongue is a pain in the ass to pose, you should try it yourself, its a licker by s-low. http://s-low.info/forum/index.php?sid=af9568e12a47b16af1d25e2661c1eab7

Looked like the smoker’s tounge at first

Looks pretty cool!

Ah, nice posing and atmosphere.
Kyno, could you please click on this link : www.monip.org and give me the sweet numbers appearing? Don’t worry, I won’t do you any harm.


Thats nice man

Nice pic.

Har u go I maked u this becuz i am nioce guy! :v:


(Drag and drop it into your garrysmod/materials/console and rewrite if you need to)

omg :love: thank you!