Jump Pad Persistence System

So I needed to make highvoltage’s UT jump pads persistent on my server, and I wrote a simple tool to do it.



**Features: **
-Saves all jump pad settings. This means position, model, effect color, target position, sound, etc.
-Supports servers that use multiple maps.
-Compatible with FPP and SPP.
-Retains jump pads during server cleanup

Yeah that’s pretty much it, not much worth saying beyond the features and the instructions (on the workshop page).

I should hopefully have this fixed this weekend, it will break them in any dupes/saves though.
I’ll also make a thread since I have forgotten to do that

Huh? Do you mean there was persistence functionality for jump pads planned all along? D:

Isn’t persistence support just duplicator support? If they are different I’ll add it anyways

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Yeah, persistence just dupes everything so once I fix that it should work no problem.
I already know how to fix it so once I get some free time I’ll get it fixed

The thing with the default persistence system is that it’s very easy to mess up. If you delete an entity that was saved through persistence in game, it won’t show up the next time the server starts. Cleanups also don’t reload anything in the persistence file and actually get rid of them. I actually didn’t know that jump pads were incompatible with default persistence until you mentioned it because I just don’t consider it an option for this kind of thing.
Of course, fixing duplicator support on its own is a plus anyways.

I got them working with persistence now and everything you said was broken with persistence seems to be working fine for me, other them removing a persisted entity, but why would you remove a entity you want to be persistent?

Well ACF and stuff