Jump Pad

A quick SEnt I made a while back. Launches you into the air. Looks pretty. That’s about it.

Version 1.1: sound, more particles



Yay, Unreal style! :smiley:

Nice, but it lacks a “foumpf!” like sound when it makes you jump IMO

Yeah, if I could find one I’d be using it.

Why not just rip the sound from Quake 3?

If you’re out of idea just go with the SMG’s grenade launcher sound when it throws one

I second the above notion.

Really nice! All you need to do is add a “fwump” sound and remove the fall damage sound (see if you can figure it out.) Have a cookie:


Nom nom nom,

I’ve added sound (the crossbow’s firing sound came closest to what I was after) and a kind of dust-sucking-in particle effect.

I wish the model was Portal or something, and not TF2 D:

Oh Mahalis, you are so sweet.

Love the addon, I’m having alot fun using it ;D
Great Job again :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, Sometimes when I freeze the Pad and move it again, Only the top pad (The one with the Blue Particles) Moves and the bottom stays at the spot, And I can’t move it. Help? :confused:

I’ve only had that happen when I’m noclipped outside the world - what exactly do you do?

Wow, I have been looking for something like this! Thanks mahalis!

Awesome job.

I can’t quite figure out how to install this addon, any help?
Nvm, I dont’ have tf2 :confused:

I just freeze it somewhere then pick it up with my physics gun and it’ll randomly do it… Don’t know how :confused:


Hah, is that the one I requested? Sweet.