"Jump" Zoey escaping some zombies

Just testing those hexed better phys models.
C&C is appreciated as always.


Posing on Zoey isn’t really realistic. Lightning and shading is great as usual.

zoey’s faceposing: WTF em i doing?

hehe :smiley:
good lighting man


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Yeh trying to get improve my posing so I can pose something else than people standing around.

The lighting is sexy as hell.

Thanks Gamer.

Lighting is smexy as always.

However, the posing isn’t natural, nor is it dramatic enough.

Zoey’s posing seems odd, or at least weak (so to speak) doesn’t look like there’s much action in it. That could be the model’s fault, I don’t know.

I kind of don’t like how there’s so much sky to look at at first. Maybe needs more zombies.

Not a bad picture, lighting wise, and texture wise…?

Didnt change the textures at all. I just did this because I was testing the new phys survivors Rastifan released.
I decided to post it cause I havent posted a picture for a long time now. Just wanted to make sure I aint getting rusty :smile:

Seriously, the lighting on Zoey is fucking beautiful.
But no blur on Zoey for the jump?

Than there wouldnt be a point to focus on I guess.

You could have added maybe some motion blur to Zoey, maybe like to her legs or something.
Pretty nice looking pic dude. Posing on Zoey could maybe be a bit better, but the lighting is looking fine.

Cool lighting.

-Obvious “Mein Mate” here-
Hmm maybe that would have hidden the horrible pose :smile:
Lighting is alright I guess, thanks bro!


Also, make some picture again I have nothing to analyze!

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Will do broski. That reminds me, gotta get a pic showing you where I use lamps and lights and shizzle. I always forget that.

Thanks bro.
That way I wont have to spend hours analyzing the picture trying to find out :stuck_out_tongue:

That gotta hurt.

horrible lighting
great posing


Problem, Facepunch?

Thank god for no shitty black bars.