Jumper Powers SWEP

This is my Jumper SWEP. This was mainly a scripting test for me. But i find it quite fun to use.



New Video: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFYyTHpsWpY

Please Comment. If i get enough interest i will make a V2 with a Jump Site menu.

That video is awful, its so laggy i cant tell whats going on. Redo the video if you can, the actual swep looks good.

Yeah ill try and do the video again, my pc doesn’t seem to like recording.

Hasn’t this been done before?

Some sweet effects would be nice. :3

Like a trail or something

Im working on that but when ever i add an effect it all goes terribly wrong

Use Source Recorder.

And put this song in it.

It is pretty simple and it has been done before, but please do try to make it better.

type ‘record jumper’ into the console, and when you finish making the movie, type ‘stop’ in the console. should make a file somewhere.

That makes a demo-file.

Actually it works. You type “record <filenameyouwanthere>” then when your done type “stop” then “host_framerate <frameratehereiuse30>” then “startmovie <filenamehere> avi” it then renders the movie and then after rendering type “endmovie”


New video uploaded and posted

Kinda looks like a teleport gun to me 0.o

Because it pretty much is.