Jumper V2.5

Jumper V2.5 ( Temp V3 )

This is my temperary Puddle Jumper for all those people who can’t wait.
It has different features that V2 doesn’t.

Engine Pods
Manual Door
Rolls when Engine Pods are open
Drones ( Engine pods need to be open )
Damage system
First Person
Cockpit Activation
View Control
and more!!!


**Community Page:**http://steamcommunity.com/groups/jumperv25

RononDex - Code
Votekick - Model
Flyboi - Sounds
aVoN - Help and Support, Gate Re-Alignment, DHD
BlackhawkGT - Bugtracker

**Downloads: **

**Bug Tracker:**http://www.blackhawkgt.com/bugtracker/

Calling it V3 is not that good. V3 is already the one Lightdeamon, Votekick and me developed.


Yeah your right it’s more like V2.5

well the only problem i have found with it so far is that when i try to get the drive pods out most of the time im here just pressing shift over and over because it doesnt always work :confused:
part from that its amazing :stuck_out_tongue:
is there any servers that have it on?

All this is awesome, but I have a few questions?

  1. Where did you get this?
    2.Does Votekick even knows you are using his model?
    3.How do you change the camera view while you are in the jumper?
    4.The drones dont have a fire button?

Please help me make this jumper work, since you realeased it, give us some solutions on how to make it work

the drones are the left mouse button (just not that often)
and he would of got the model from garrysmod.org since its been on there for a while just no one else has tryed getting it to work
till now

The engine pods have to be open to fire drones
Hold shift for a second to open the drive pods
Use Up arrow and down arrow to zoom in and out

Where did i get this?
I scripted it myself and Votekick knows im using the model

well i think its pretty damn good :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is there no sound ?

im getting sound
you just need to turn it up abit
ok more then abit but theres still sound

There isn’t hover sound yet. That’s what im having problem with. it starts the sound but doesn’t loop.

Hmmm… thats not so good it must be a bit louder i think ( sry for my english I m german ^^xD )

lol i thought you ment the start up sound :stuck_out_tongue:
come to think of it i havnt heard the normal flight sound either
but i still like it with or without

This is way better than the last few Jumper’s good job.

do any of you know any servers with this v2.5 jumper on? :stuck_out_tongue: id just love to see anotherplayer flying one thats all :stuck_out_tongue: closest thing to a real jumper
for now :P:P

I think it will be a way better with the sound from the stargate seasons ; ) ( and I dont mean the start up sound :smiley: )

lol the startup sound has to be there tho
the only thing id change about it (apart from gettin the sound) is id have the other jumper door in the jumper aswell as a button on the outside of the jumper to open and close the door
apart from that its just about perfect :stuck_out_tongue:
obviously a few inside look tweeks but it still looks good :slight_smile:


well time for me to play with the jumper on gmod till someone puts it on a server :stuck_out_tongue:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrC65bLIJW4&NR=1 is it this version of the juper I can download on gmod.org (I think it has mor features as the jumper v3 you can download here ) mabey ?

you cant download that 1 yet lol
and just wonderin but is it just me but when i go to get my jumper threw the gate (for me my NON workinging gate) that i always miss the gate just and always hit the side :stuck_out_tongue: lol