Jumping FPS Issues

This happened after the update along with other problems but this seems to be only affecting me. I have by no means a computer incapable of running gmod , it’s running on a nvidia gt 650m with a gig of vram and a i7 3610qm 2.3Ghz quad core with 8 gigs of ram so it can handle the high settings and about 12Gb worth of addons before the update easily with around 180 fps in gm_bigcity , i’m just using that map as a reference for later, and now when i start gmod up it lags when i open the maps selection screen and i have 160fps there, on the menu! it should be way higher, once i get in game it takes a while longer and when i finally spawn , gm_bigcity again, i get a atrocious 10 fps sometimes jumping sporadically between 45, 100, and 10 i though the update might’ve made multicore rendering not work for me any more so i turned it off and it had a affect of about 10 fps on the high jumps, ex. 100fps jump was now 80 and 45 was now 25, it never got below 10, but its just unplayable. Enabling vsync helps a bit but its still too laggy , i usually play with AA 4x and Anisotropic filtering on 4x also high textures, models ,and shadows. I was planning on just waiting because i know he rushed the update, but it worries me that i haven’t seen a thread relating to these problems before so i though id let them be known and i was also wondering if anything in which i described could account or this laggyness.

Yeah, after the update, my fps lowered by half. Which is very annoying, I can handle playing at 20-50 fps.

Everything isn’t the greatest at the moment, maybe we stick tight for a real fix. Form what I heard the one released to keep up with the source engine was just temporary.

Even with the new update, my fps is still half of what it used to be.

Weird, the new update for all the source games (2nd one) completely fixed mine which is awesome, i am now just wondering what caused it in the first place.