Jumping stopped working?

Ok, so this is a strange one that, as of now atleast, I cant even fathom where to look to try and debug it. Where is jumping controlled and where can it be modified and over written with gamemode functions.

I have been working on a gamemode for awhile, dealing with other issues and now when I get on a prop that is floating in water. I can no longer jump, the jump sound plays, but I dont get any vertical distance, its just the sound of jumping and instantly hitting the object im standing on. However, if I put that object on solid ground, I can jump fine.

So, as far as I know I havent touched anything related to jumping.

Any ideas as to where this problem lies?

Edit: It has something to do with the water. If a prop is touching the water in any way, my jump wont work. Hope that detail helps debug the issue.

Edit Edit: It seems to only happen locally… that makes it even more weird.

If the prop is not asleep, usually the combination of attempting to jump up from it with the water’s modified gravity will keep you down.

I’m trying to think of a way around this, but it’s early in the morning… :confused:

I suppose you could put the prop to sleep when you jump on it? Call a trace below the feet, etc… seems hacky though.

I think I poorly explained the issue, sorry, been up all night writing a paper, so my brain is epic misfiring.

The issue only occurs while already on the object. It is as if when I jump, I am jumping the most miniscule of vertical distances and then landing on the prop again. But when the prop is not touching water, I can jump fine.

And it only seems to occur in single player mode (same gamemode and map).

No no, you explained it perfectly. But this is an issue that’s been known for the longest time. In sandbox, spawn a buoyant prop, put it in the water, get on top of it, and try to jump. You won’t be able to very high. It should seem if anything only like a few inches.

It’s the water.