Jumping The Shark?

First: This thread is for INTELLIGENT and POLITE discussion of my rant below. I am not on the side of survivalists or raiders, and I love Rust. I play it daily and will continue to play it.

We now have rocket launchers, flash bangs and smoke grenades coming to Rust. The redesigned code lock looks like something out of Doom, not from limited technology and manufacturing capability. It appears that rust is becoming a first person shooter you can build a house in. 98% of the posts on here are along the lines of “OMG I CAN’T RAID” or something to enhance raiding or make raiding easier. Did I mention raiding? You can see where I am going with that. More battle, less survival.

My question is, where is the line between plausible and “how the hell did that get here”? Why a rocket launcher? How about a siege cannon that can be plausibly be created from existing materials? Something that needs to be transported by a group and used as a group? Code locks? How are we creating the wiring, the soldering, and the diodes needed for the lights? Why not a lock that is plausible and hackable, made from wood? Smoke grenades? Use skulls or empty cans to create Molotov cocktails that can burn a person out, instead of the advanced trigger mechanism and chemical that, at Rust’s level of tech, is impossible to create.

How are we milling the trigger mechanism? Rifling the barrels for machine guns? C4 timed explosive? Again, power source? Timer mechanism? The plastic explosive? How are we creating composition C? Why not create skull bombs from tech plausible gunpowder? I was happy to see crossbows are making it in finally, but how about plausible guns with the very rare “world before” weapon find? The plane is more logically a drone from an automated supply facility over the sea.

My rant is that what we can create and do in game no longer is plausible with the setting or back story. The game (IMO) seems to be a cluster fuck between primitive tech and Battlefield 4, with no logic or direction. Things that go boom are just randomly thrown in at a whim to satisfy players of legacy that need to run and gun.

Nothing against them, but that style and the currently being added tech does not seem to fit the direction that has been shown to the players for “new Rust”. According to the devs, “anything to survive”. Not anything to alleviate boredom or get my “tough guy on the 'net” fix.

The most recent raid I was on took 3 days to plan and execute with a spy in the enemy town, and 10 or more enemy players online at the time we attacked. It was carried out for survival, they were using up the resources in our area, raiding the rad towns, and we needed their supplies to ensure our survival until the monthly wipe. A targeted action with a purpose in line with the game, not an act of boredom or a need to get action fix.

That raid would have been incredible fun with siege engines, such as a cannon or barrel bomb, a battering ram to destroy walls Etc. As it was we used ten C4 and assault rifles, as we would of in any run and gun game. The tech is becoming as boring and common place as zombies. Same shit, different game.

I would appreciate intelligent, clear, and polite replies. Input from folks who love the game and appreciate good discussion of such. Don’t worry about your grammar, as long as your point doesn’t include insults to other posters Facepunch, or the game itself. You love the game, you love to play it, you know you do. Also, no “OMG I AM NEVER PLAYING AGAIN” threats.

On a side note, Rust on Github is not the support forum. Please stop trying to use it as such. I love seeing the work there and would hate them removing yet another medium that we can follow or even contribute our input as players.

This has been a point of contention since the early days of legacy for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Not much has changed since then, so feel free to peruse any of those threads for insight. It basically boils down to the old “it’s alpha”. If that’s not good enough for you, then the more detailed answer is that the devs add what they feel like adding and sometimes what the community begs for. There are a LOT of implausible elements to the game that may flesh out once the backstory is put in place. For now, they’re just shortcomings that you either accept or move past.

The grand scheme of Rust, from what I gather, will be a long drawn out tech tree. As they build systems to support this, they are putting in things that will make sense later.

but in the mean time, they are used to entice players to come check it out.

I’m fine with the rocket launcher and things that fall outside the realm of what seems like should be available in this world. I like to think of the weaponry and tech in the game as a situation like providing arms to a less technologically advanced culture.

A real life example would be how the US and Russia provide weaponry to Middle Eastern countries. There are all these weapons floating around over there - many of which end up in the hands of groups like ISIS or Al Qaeda.

However, I am looking forward to alternative weaponry and devices. There’s a huge potential to have such interesting weapons, tools, etc. However, the vocal majority whine and pine for the days of Legacy so we may have to wait awhile for that stuff as FP appeases the masses.

EDIT:In fact, maybe that plane isn’t automated, and we’re all living in a land that’s being destabilized by a foreign power that doesn’t want to send it’s own people to help clear it out,

I don’t hate the rocket launcher. But the look, thematics, and gameplay of clunky-ass siege engines just seem to fit Rust Island more than modern military gear.

Let’s hope utilitron is right–and that we’ll see more mid-tier and siegy stuff before it becomes a race to turn primitive metal bits into precision-milled assault rifles.