June 29th update

The patch will go live very soon, Pat is fixing one last thing with events and we’re good to go.

The game is back up and the patch is live.


Cool, new patch!

I can see allot of work being done. :dance:

Good changes! But i will be able to play tommorow. daaaamn. Im just sad there is no new content…

Rust is up! Woot!

Good to see everything up and running again. I’ll keep my eyes open for more vids.

> Fixed grenades not dealing damage to doors; it should take about 8 now

Grenades are going to be the new flavor of the month. Love it.

> Adjusted some of the wood structure models to be lower poly

Awesome, foundations were giving my PC headaches.

> Fixed losing slots/stacksize upon death

Killing is worth it again. j/k, I am friendly.

> Many more spawnpoints, and spawns are now further apart

Very good, this should solve the hatchet killfest at spawn.

> Slightly lowered amount of cloth and meat you gain from animals but increased the rate you gather it
> Halved the amount of wood recieved from piles, but doubled the amount of piles found in the world
> Lowered amount of minerals obtained from smelting ores
> Lowered amount of charcoal received from burning wood

Life is getting harder in the zone. Should encourage teaming up more.

This is fantastic. Good job, everyone. Can’t wait to test it out.

Two things I have been waiting for.

  1. Be able to change your password
  2. Forgot email/login with username. My friend entered a random email during registration, he only remembered his display name and password

Great job at this update!

This is all backend stuff, not exactly an issue with the game. Though it isn’t exactly necessary at this stage in development as they are focusing on getting the game working. I’m sure there’s enough “testers” now to not miss a few who forgot their details.

now i don’t feel special for knowing the gunpowder bp

Yeah, but I wish to change my password because a personal issue. I think it should be do-able. It would be awesome if some dev could contact me to help me with this.

So should we start suggesting features more in depth now?

So how many seconds does it take for a speedhacker to break through one now?

Can you give me the game site ? I can’t login :expressionless:

Oh yeah. Fixing cheat engine or any forms of speed hacks want mentioned.

Are they fixed?

Awesome. Thanks for the log Max, my stream will be up very soon.

nice to see!