Jungle Maps

I’m looking for some nice jungle maps, ones that don’t require DOD:S

I’ve been searching but none look good enough so far for what I’m wanting. Any recommendations?

I’d specifically like something as dense as the de_forest map, but looking like a tropical rain forest instead of a regular one.


i think we just have to wait until some glorious soul ports the revelations 2012 maps

You could use CSS or CSGO aztec content, but I don’t think there’s many out there you’re looking for.

That or the crysis content with crazy LoD’s

or just use prop fade

make it dense so you cant see further than 1000 units and have everything fade out at that distance

But then it doesn’t look like a jungle from a high vantage point…

instead of fading just have really minimal lods like a canopy and a triangle prism trunk.

I have built a jungle map for a trespasser remake project i was working on and i searched high-lo for content already out there. But there’s actually very little foilage models sadly, especially models that look realistic. As stated CS:GO has some nice content and so does L4D2 that you could use.

cs_jungle (though it’s not that big)

Where i can get Crysis Content for Source?

From crysis, duh!

here: http://gamebanana.com/css/maps/161303

Very green but doesnt really have a jungle feel, not dense enough imo

There was that temple map for gmod 9 I think it was

Yeah I saw that one. It looks nice, but I’d prefer something with more dense vegetation.

like there was this one L4D2 custom Campaign taking place in Vietnam (I think it was “Napalm Death”?) that had a well done Jungle area.

EDIT:at 3:30 in here, that’s the kind of look I’m talking about.

You need to rip it first, Crysis aren’t using Source Engine, duh!