Jungle Patrol

So after like 5 months of hiatus I made something in SFM. Insert overused joke about how I can’t do titles for shit

Also thanks to Crazy Knife and some buddies of mine for providing some feedback on the WIP thread and Discord, much appreciated. I’d also like to hear some here of course.

See you all again 5 months from now I guess :V

I feel like the sharpening takes away from it.

How so? Like should I tone it down next time, and by how much, just to keep that in mind and all.

It looks good, but the lack of grass on some parts of the ground feels off since its just a flat surface.

liking the lighting and colors, but as gtanoofa said, hiding the low-res ground with undergrowth would help the scene a lot

Aaaah, gotcha I’ll keep it mind. Thanks for pointing it out guys, appreciate it.

I’d try not sharpening it at all, I think it embellishes the details a little too much.