Jungle warefare.


made this on gm_flatgrass
hope you like it.

I like it. You made a nice scene with those props.

Weapon looks plastic. Laser also not really realistic. But I like the scene.

I like It. The posing Is excellent cause it actually looks like he’s taking a shot to the skull.
He could of used a better gun though. The counter strike one’s just don’t do the trick.
Also, be sure use the bodygroup changer on the Russian models. It adds more detail.
The laser edit Is really good. Other then that I think your doing well.

Is there a “behind the scenes” screenshot for the scene build? I’d love to see what you used and where you put things

Damn convincing scenebuild, probably the main highlight of the picture for me. Kinda disappointed that it was wasted on such a simple pose. The Posing itself is good, but don’t ever use CSS weapons; Even for the time the game came out they looked like utter shit. The editing is eh: Laser looks awful (make it more faint and grainy, like light shining on dust) and the blood just looks like random floating face jam with no sense of motion or direction to it.

Also just my opinion, but I don’t like it when the window of time in the picture is really large (i.e. person reacting to getting shot and showing lots of blood when it’s suppose to be the moment of impact.) It’s great when used in moderation to a stylistic effect, but otherwise it just looks really weird and confusing.

yeah i know, but i made this while not having internet, so couldnt download any other model.

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im afraid not.