Junk Empire's : Reborn

Yet another gamemode you may ask?.. Yes, I love gamemodes<3 Anyway lets get to the point.

Some infomation about the gamemode, and what you can do inside it.
Junk empires was a old “abandoned” gamemode. I have fixed the whole gamemode(Pretty sure it was for Garry’s Mod 10 or some-where.
There is currently three ways of winning depending on the map,

1.If the map is je_pc_ then you need to capture pylons(Basically large towers).
2. If the map is je_dm_ it is a deathmatch, first one to destroy 300 army’s win
3. If the map is just Je_ it is a conquest of whoever can get the most gold first.

This gamemode is a rts(Real-Time Strategy) for example it’s like wc3, sc2, or command and conquer. You conquer resource points, gain income from them. Gain gold from cities. Wage war, Forge alliances, break them just as easy, build walls, armies and such.
What I plan to do.
I plan on changing all the models, to more appropriate looking models, instead of sawblades, melons, and “crappy” looking buildings.
As for the armys I plan on making them more diverse and then making them with nextbot, for there advance path finding capability’s, Including animations/effects and some other things.

As of now, I’m currently porting a old scoreboard, because I have no VGui/Derma knowledge. I’m also using a publically avaliable hud, and chatbox. The chatbox is old and is ported too, I’ve talked to the owner of it and he’s allowing me to release it with the gamemode. For the hud, I am just going to use it, since I cannot find whoever made the hud. Credit’s go to Andry( Or whoever made it:) )
I’ll be adding in very easy configurablity and documentation. The gamemode, will have features added/changed without notice.

Planned features.
-Ability to spend gold to assinate other players(And keep them dead for a configurable time), or raze them to steal/destory resources.
-Nextbot features for armys, for animations, advance path finding and more.
-More type of armies and diversty, like range, melee, calvary, siege(Maybe?)
-Projectiles for range/siege for more visual people
-New scoreboard
-Participation points/of time you been on the server to spend on a shop.(Like extra 1% damage from troop’s, Better brick manufracturing for higher building health, and more.)
-A possible minimap
-A announcer like, “You are underattack, and if theres a minimap maybe it’ll ping where your underattack”
-Fully complete round system, so no one get’s a headstart.
-A full tutorial on how to play, Already help menu’s
-Better vgui/derma menu’s. Especially for building selection.(Soon menu’s for building’s themselfs.
Complete Features.
+Trading, Tributes, Give
+Help menu’s
+4 Maps, and 3 gamemode types’s
+Fightning( No animations/Sign of indication of fighting, but each skull(ARMY) does 2 damage per think(( A Think happens every tick if im not mistake)), with each skull having 252 hp)
+Still fun to play:)!







Zachary Johns/Fluffy puncakes - Me for fixing the gamemode, and alot of other things up, then going to make this gamemode publically released with a whole truck load of new features, and playablity.
Junk Empire’s: Original author’s and contributor’s.
Loures: For his chatbox
Aeternal: For helping me on vgui/derma :slight_smile:

Will be released later on, when alot of the features is done, with easy config’s.

Test Server:

Can you please space out your post, and add bold tags to the subtitles?

Ok:) Will edit now

What do you do in this gamemode?

From the looks of it it’s an RTS-type deal

Ohh yea I forgot to talk about what the gamemode is about:)! Sorry, ill update the thread. Though the gamemode is a RTS, a example is wc3, sc2, or like command and conquer. You build city’s, walls, buildings, capture resource points, gain income from them. City’s produce gold, wage war, make alliances, break them and such.

True there’s a lot more work to be done but it’s fun to watch Skulls shuffle around and kill each other. Especially in bulks of 40.

Yes, it is:) Also thanks for testing.

-snip (not nice)-

Looks alright, hope to see bugs ironed out :slight_smile:

Haha thanks;). As of right now there is not many bug’s. The only bug I can think of is a mistake in the alliance menu which is rare, me and aeternal are currently working on owner bars for buildings/units

Oh god, is this back? Can I play now?

[editline]Nevermind, not as good as the old one, no offense.[/editline]

Nevermind, not as good as the old one, no offense.

It’s not as good as the old one because we’ve hardly added anything as of now. Just a few VGUI fixes and other goodies. Tomorrow we will work on the Nextbot and we’ll update from there.

Did you take the time to read the planned features? Plus the old one was probably kept private as this is most likely a very old release. No offense, have you releaized that the old gamemode couldn’t get some of these things? Especially the nextbot system… anyway take in terms of the transisiton between garrysmod X to 13

That’s cool. However I don’t like the ‘gamemodes’ inside the gamemode. Please add something like a sandbox version without any goals.

Obviously I didn’t.

“Fightning” - A combo of fighting and lightning. KUNG FU!

Haha you make me laugh, anyway I was reffering to fighting as war is already avaliable. I will add different gamemodes, but sandbox sure I guess? More like no goals, just fighting for a hour? or so?

I try.

Yes, but resource production would be great too, adding more things to build can fix that such as: Sawmills, farms, and mines/quarries. Assuming troops consume food and gold per minute(or a different amt of time), and wood and stone being consumed by building structures. Populations in cities could be added as well to consume food and work on the farms, sawmills, etc.

Amazing idea, I’ll think about it.

I loved playing this when you had it up back in the day, It takes quite a bit of time to get big but I loved the wars but would personally be way better with custom models and I understand they’re coming :slight_smile:

Yea :slight_smile: more models that fit, and easier to determ but were adding name tags/hp bars, way more buildings, and more units types :slight_smile:

Since I’m using nextbot’s they will be real models, animations, and projectile if range

This looks really, really awesome and I’m super excited to play this with some freinds when there is a public version :slight_smile: