Junk rocket launcher confirmed!

Today a trading card on the rust art on trello, a trading card called “Junk Launcher” was made, here is the link.https://trello.com/c/GZkeTaSE/39-junk-launcher

So what do you guys think?

Just hope that thing will not be like the grenade launcher in every CoD / BF.

Its for the chopper.

Should be incredibly inaccurate or have a chance to blow up in your face.

ohh shiiiiii

If the rocket launcher can destroy doors and walls, ladies and gentleman, we have to live on the freaking ground.

it doesnt look like for the chopper

If the rocket doesn’t spiral insanely out of control after 30 meters, I’m gonna be disappointed.

Pics or GTF-- oh. Nice, cheers :slight_smile:

I hope we can load it with Stones, Metal Fragments and cans of food :smiley: -THOONK-

I dunno, I think a crude ordnance like this would be likely to fire would be more likely to lob with a ballistic trajectory instead of actually maintaining any kind of flight path.

Garry’s Mod v8 prop rocket launcher

Can we get a modern RPG or maybe a stinger missle system?

Maybe, it’s to shoot “Junk”…? lol.

Start blastin people with chunks of wood.

use OP link and vote it up!

Sure, but it’d be funny because the projectile is so crude that it wouldn’t be very effective for longrange engagements. Modern rockets fly straight and true because they are well engineered - I expect a junk missile to be hilarious and ineffective.

If the rockets were designed like a nerf dart or with fins they would fly reasonably straight, albeit with significant deviance

reasonably straight + significant deviance = not reasonably straight

Like, it would have spread but it would still hit in the general area at midrange

yeah, im guessing it wont really be anti-personnel. more anti vehicle or murder/suicide device.

yeah or tf2

Fallout style