Damn, def. nailed that atmosphere. Good work on the posing and lighting, G.

that lighting is fucking perf

Damn, I love that lighting, good work

On a personal level this kind of stuff bothers me because I have a bad history with heroin but from a purely artistic standpoint this is a great image.

Growing up I saw a lot of that kind of stuff, I guess it’s part of the reason why I made the picture. A lot of my mates are reformed addicts.

I’ve smoked it a couple times (even that’s pretty nasty because you do it through tin foil, and you know the drug itself) but I didn’t like it, it made me feel sick and put me to sleep. Nasty nasty drug.

If people are going to do drugs stick to the stuff that actually makes you feel good; Ice, Heroin, Speed, Crack is all dirty shit you should stay away from.

I lost a few friends to it and I’ve done opiods in many different forms but actually mainlining heroin is just a horrible experience all the way through, but you keep putting yourself through it for that high.

Long story short, don’t do drugs, stay in school kids.

Definitely, when I dropped out I started selling all sorts of shit as a way to make money back when I was a fuckhead, and you know you start of with selling sticks (1.5 gram $25 bags of weed here) but you realize you’re making fuck all money and you get greedy and move onto harder shit more profitable stuff like pills, ice, speed and gear.

But you know people that live like that dealer or addict alike you end up dead one way or another if you go down that road. Glad I got out when I did, can’t say I didn’t loose anyone either though.

Oh the stories I’m sure we both have.
Best not to clog up the comments with them though.

On the contrary it’s quite good to see an image spark up a conversation like this!

But yeah powerful image, the dim blue tone nails that hollow emotion she’s probably feeling. Great stuff.

Stay off the hard shit kids!