Junky Combat Suit


Following the creation of my ragdoll fightin’ chip, I realized that the same sort of principle could be applied to a full contraption. This is a prototype of that system.

This combat suit uses an active keeupright like the one in the ragdoll fightin’ chip, and positions it’s arms and torso accordingly. The head, though it doesn’t look it, actually gazes towards wherever you’re pointing, much like the guns. The entire contraption itself, without the expressions, is a ragdoll made out of props.

It uses a set of prop spawner rocket launcher chips to fire a stream of propane tanks.

Very nice.

Haha, holy crap that’s cool
He’s like headbanging

Why is nobody doing mech machinima yet?

This is fucking kickass.

Ain’t no marksman, lol.

It’s like a really big DOG! Alex would be proud.

Awesome. Probably the coolest thing you’ve made yet.

Wow, I’d like to see animals that just run around and bite shit
that you could blow up

I was there… it was epic.

Saw the video on youtube before i saw it here. GREAT JOB!

It moved realistic and looks fucking awesome :smiley:

and what is the music called? :v:

Very junky indeed. It is pretty cool though. It looks hilarious when it starts going fast and the head bobbles like crazy. I like the prop spawner missile launcher. I actually have a very similar one on my HK-Drone. It also uses the propane tank but they are homing missiles instead of straight fire rockets.

Nuff sed.

Looks really humanoidy. I like it. My favourite part was the head bobbing.

Lol that thing is funny when walking

Pendulum - Fasten your seatbelt

And I have to agree with you on that.

Goodbye to conventional building

Thank you :buddy:

oh wow, you’ve really out done yourself.

for some reason reminds me of the mech from district 9 (minus the gun)