Junkyard RP

Well, i’ve been thinking alot about a new gamemode that i believe would be nice, it’s basicly GMS mixed with RP.

The gameplay focuses around salvaging props from the junk piles and building houses, weapons, tools, cars maybe? etc. There have to be a value, i was thinking caps cause it sounds rather relevant and a better trade system with a pop up window. You will need to eat and food can be found around the map, for example killing an animal. You can also find food in the piles of garbage, but that won’t be good for your health. There will be no set classes, everyone will trade with eachother instead.

The map should obviously be a junkyard, i was thinking flatgrass with a maze of garbage piles and without that big spawning thingy.

About the house building: You cannot combine for example wood into other props, you can drop the props and make houses out of them; they are not meant to become nice looking cause ugliness is a part of the nature in this gamemode. Also you will need nails and a hammer to nail stuff together, no welding here!

About the weapons: You will not be able to make a superpowered laser rifle or something like that but the weapons should look homebuilt, a perfect example is the HL2 crossbow without the electrically loaded bolt. You can also find already finished weapons like a wrench or an iceaxe.

Example on a recipe for a weapon:

CO2 airsoft pistol body
CO2 gas cylinder
Scrap metal

Nail pistol


Nail pistol ammo

This weapon should be one of the weakest but easiest to build.

I think that all this sounds really nice and would be a neat gamemode BUT, however i’m not a lua coder so if you think this would be nice and if you’re a experienced lua coder, be my guest.

If a gamemode like this exist already i would love to know about it.

Start sketching and if so. I might be able to help. Im learning lua more and more each day.