Juno Outpost Survival (Alien Swarm)

The first map of my campaign turned into a survival map. Go ahead and see the download page for details, it seems counterproductive to copy and paste it all here.

>> Download page <<




the brushwork looks really simple, add some details like pipes, vents, pillars, ect

Have you tried the map?

Not an excuse, he’s giving you C&C and you should accept it.

Source doesn’t do “realism” well, all rooms that are complete conversions of real life will look blocky, no matter how much crap you throw in it.

It’s not an excuse, it’s a suggestion.

It’s not about the detail of the map, it’s about the gameplay. If someone passes judgement on a map before playing it, then their C&C is useless.

The map is pretty fun. I like how it kind of forces you to go looking through it even though you’re making it harder for yourself to get out in the end.

It doesn’t make it useless in the slightest. C & C is good as long as it’s C & C. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, or how they came upon it. Constructive Criticism is just that. Constructive Criticism.

from what I can tell, it looks nice.

A lot of mappers here can tell a good map from a bad map by pictures so the reason try it before you C&C it is null and void here.

Are you finished?

If it honestly horrifies you so much, feel free to lecture me in private. Otherwise, please stop derailing the thread.