Jurassic Park Gate & Raptor pen?

I find myself in desperate need of some models from Jurassic Park. These will not be going to waste by just sitting in my Gmod folder. I need them for a video. What I need exactly are two models.

  1. The gate of Jurassic Park. The famous scene in the film when the ford explorers head under the gate and enter the park is something everyone remembers. I need that exact gate. There is currently a map with the gate in it, but I need to build the set around it and have a different time of day. I need the doors to be able to close and open. If that is not possible, I wouldn’t mind having the doors as a separate model so I could create a hinge.

  2. The Raptor pen/pit. Most Jurassic fans know this pen. In the opening of the film, an unfortunate worker is killed by a Raptor as they try to put it in said pen. I need this as a model as well. Nothing special, just the model that would be big enough to walk on. A model currently exists in the game “Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis” which is a game I hear is easy to extract models from.

I would appreciate any help.




Link to map with JP gate: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=76425

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Anyhow, most of this can be properly done with brushes and custom textures. Except maybe for the fences, cage and doors for the Raptor pen.