Jurassic Park Model Request - Robert Muldoon

I am just making a simple request if anyone would be able to model Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park to use.

If someone suggests me to search instead, I would but I am a new member and I cannot search yet, or I would have gladly done so first to see if it has been made or discussed

I see all sorts of other game models such as star wars and farcry and Counter Strike etc… I was just wondering why Jurassic Park hasn’t been done yet because it’s pretty well known as you can imagine… lol

Anyway, please let me know, and although I am a noob with modelling, I am quite experienced with other technical aspects and I love to make videos with 3-D models and special effects.

Check out my site while you’re at it to see what I mean! :smiley:



Wanted to bump this, its getting views but no responses and I just want to know if someone would be willing to do it ><

If anyone’s wondering, here’s Muldoon, some of the best reference photos of him with his iconic SPAS-12 I could find

This will not happen. You are asking for someone to model this from scratch. This is a tremendous job and anything but a simple request as you call it.
Professional modelers charge a lot of money for this amount of work. Asking for a port is one thing, but this is quite another.

Don’t make totally unrealistic requests.

Hey, you didn’t have to be rude, you could have just said that it would be too hard to make and no-one is up to do it without a monetary exchange.

I was not being rude. I clarified a few things.

Hey, you didn’t have to be rude, you could have just said that it would be too hard to make and no-one is up to do it without a monetary exchange.

Really? Saying to not make totally unrealistic requests?

Listen, as a person on this forum or any other one at that, you NEVER know when someone is either new to something altogether or has no experience in a certain field, so I would suggest wording your sentences a bit differently to avoid the hostile tone you conveyed here.

The way you word things can either cause everyone to want to be your friend or cause everyone to hate you, and its all your choice.
Just a bit of friendly advice.

I’m done here.

There was no hostile tone or any form of rudeness at all, he was just pointing out a couple of factors that you overlooked when you started this thread. You came here essentially asking for a model to be made from scratch without any incentive for payment, and you stated that it would be a simple task even though it really isn’t. All he did was point out that you were asking for more than what would be considered as “a simple request”, and that you are highly unlikely to receive any help without providing a form of payment. With the amount of effort that would be needed to put in to make your request a reality, as well as a lack of payment for doing so, you truly are making an unrealistic request.

You’re an idiot lol

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That’s what rudeness looks like

yeah how dare he help you not waste time, he’s such an asshole

I never said it was a simple task, I said it was a simple request. Anyone who misconstrued it, that’s their own fault. Also, why doesn’t anyone understand I just dived into this pool? I have no idea how anything works in that arena, so why jump on me like fresh bait? I didn’t know people wanted payments for these kind of things, I thought the guys who did it were just hobbyists, and I SURE didn’t know that it’s a hell of a job without an actual 3-D reference such as counter strike or another game of the sort.


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Look, how do you close a thread? I get the point that no-one can make it, so why keep this open.

On a more relevent note:

Your best bet might be to follow the progress of the Jurassic Life mod. They’ve produced some really stellar work, including models of Nedry and Arnold from the movie, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a Muldoon model was also on its way. Curiously, just today the webpage received its first update in almost a year, which could be a very promising sign for you.

Here are links to the main site and ModDB page:

If you choose to contact the developers directly, I’m sure they would be receptive to your inquiry.

Good luck, and welcome to Facepunch!

P.S. If you care, this pack by BlooCobalt contains the best SPAS-12 model I know of: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=84811
It has bodygroups for the stock, detachable arm hook, and pump-action. (The Bodygroup Changer Tool is required to make full use of these features.)
Clever girl.

I just checked out the sites and I nearly peed myself, I am so excited and cant wait for them to release it! :DD

Dude, you won’t believe how much help you just provided, and thanks a ton for the weapons pack, I’m definitely downloading it.

Thank you for the warm welcome too, I all of a sudden love you lol :smiley:

Requesting all models from all the jurassic park movies. Including foilage.

Edit: It was a joke. I learned about requests the hard way to.

This isnt a request thread for everyone to request stuff, I made one request… Plus, check out the sites Ryben posted.