Jurassic Park the Game Models/Props WIP

Well if you were expecting screenshots, I am sorry but I am still working on the models and due to circumstances I cant. Anyway I managed to port all yes all the stuff and models from the Jurassic Park ttarch files. All the files are in prop, anim, and texture format. I also ported all yes all the sounds…dino sounds/music and ambience I shall post that link (like if you want to use the sounds and roars instead of using the ones from the movies clips in machinimas thats fine with me just remember to tell the sounds are from me) . If anyone wants to try to open the prop. file format and try to convert it ask for models. Now the models and all the animation files are…well…1,400 or something like that files in the folder. Anyway if you want help me open these files contact me by my steam.

Music and sounds like I promised, if the link no longer is available please repost a new link.


All models and sounds belong to TellTale and Universal

I’m hoping not just the dinosaurs are ported. It would be nice to have the gate, visitor center exterior, ect. Hopefully someone will help you out.

I said I got ‘everything’ ripped from the game as in /gamesettings/chars/dinos/props/parts of props/foliage/

Btw the JPGate isnt in the game at all unless you want the gate thats in the docks at the ending of the game which is a bit smaller than the JPGate

Yes, I will monitor this project.

The sounds themselves are really useful. Hell, I even found that Indiana Jones-style punching sound I’ve been looking for forever.N

Not to mention high quality dinosaur sounds that can’t be found anywhere else.

of course I will need help rigging once I decoded the encrypted files and animations

Hey how can u port the models, anims and texture files?

nice work man! :slight_smile:

I have never heard, that animations would have been successfully ported from any game.
Isn’t it more like… impossible?

Nice Job! we need more jurassic park models here.

No it’s not. It’s just not worth it under the majority of circumstances.

Well Dr. Face took a liking to my sounds and will use them in his vids. Besides that…

Merry Christmas

Is models has D3DMesh format ?

Ya it does

I want to note this came from free3dmodels and it aint mine nor did I say it was

Update I guess

nice work! I can’t wait to get these models. :wink:

Which dinosaur is that?

Obvious look at the side of screen

Do you realize how small that is to read?

There are no Coelophysis in Jurassic Park the game so that is why I asked…

Do I care, I just think it fits in with this thread

Awesome, I hope the models are released and not abandoned.