jurassic park the game ragdolls`

so, i was wondering. when jurassic park the game comes out, anyone gonna be interested in ripping the ragdolls from it? i mean, come on, it’s a telltale game, you’ve got no excuse not to when it comes out. same reason i’m angry there haven’t been any monkey island ragdolls yet

How about waiting until the 15th like we all are when the game comes out? Truth be told I wish it was out now since i’ve being waiting since April to play the game.

Um, he already knows that we have to wait, he’s just asking if anyone would try to make models once it comes out

I would be in favor of this. We really need jurassic park ragdolls to go with the cars and maps we have.



Well, It’s out now… Is anyone trying to port them?

Maybe like the post above me? (Whether that’s porting them into garry’s mod I honestly don’t know)

you might want to wait for people to beat the game and find the correct software to rig the models to get them. Though I’m not sure how long the game it is

It’s the first stage, it can be ripped from as i’ve proved in the above renders next step is to get the model in a decent pose for rigging then capture the frame at the right moment with 3D Ripper DX until an actual model extractor is released this will be the way I do it.

Bumping for support. Has there been any updates on these models?