Jurassic park toilet scene recreation.

It would be a HUGE help if someone would post how to make a rain effect in Gimp.


Im still a newbie at Gimp so give advice please : )
p.s. I know its a sink,look at my other replys for the reason behind it.

he was sitting on a toilet, not a sink.

I know,but the only toilet model that I have is from Half-life 2 and it has that pipe and box floating above the seat.

The T-rex blew away the toilet, so I guess the sink was the next best thing.

Anyway, the T-rex isn’t even looking at him and his posing’s weird. Sorry, I’m still trying to get this rain thing down, too.

It would be funny if he slowly scooted away and then a wall fell on him XD
I always thought only his eyes where looking at the T-rex and his head was down a bit. I’ve seen the movie alot but not in a while im a bit rusty.


I like how you did the background stuff, the stuff up close looks bad though. Work on your editing and try remaking this when you have the skills to fix it.

Why is he trying to harm that animal?

um…what the f%$#?..
but yes I will try to improve this in the future just need to know how to make a rain effect.

I’d totally take a dump in a sink too.

I played around with the colors, brightness and contrast and I used a light effect ( forgot which one I used ) to repersent the moon. its seems too bright though. for the props side it was just things from the phx constriction pack, foiliage pack, gm_forest foliage, and a skybox prop from Half-life 2. This is on the map gm_trains its included with the phx. pack. I chose it for its dark skybox. also the map was once in daytime, but a little color changes turned it into night or sorta.

were do you extract the jp explorers to

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