Jurassic Park: Trespasser Project GMod/Source

This is a single player game based on Trespasser.

Concept: This a collection of maps in which replicates the game “Trespasser” with the adventures of Anne throughout the island but on the source engine with a reimagined and developed world in which she can explore. Most levels in the game will be the same as in the orginal with enhancements and more detail and depth to better create trespasser on the more sophisticated engine.

Lead Developer: Silverknight
-> Mapping
-> Modelling
-> Coding

Developer: TheKritter
-> Porting

Developer: The Mad Creator
-> Mapping

This will be for both Garry’s Mod and will be a separate Source mod.

Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/jurassic-park-trespasser









places leading to first raptor area



truck will be reskinned soon


fucking sweet

I have a thread over at trescom which i have been posting in regularly: http://www.trescomforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9586&p=105049#p105049

Those pictures actually quite old :S

Looks interesting so far, i’m eager to see how your take on the town will turn out.

I had a go at making a pre-abandonment version of the town with a plan to turning it into an RP map a while ago, didn’t get further than the visitor centre/lodge.

(thumbed for minimum disrailment, i’ll snip these if nessecary.)
This was the last thing i made before i gave up on mapping, but i might pick it up again at some point.

I even made some custom doors and keypads for it, they could be helpful for you if i still have them anywhere.

Looks good, send me a invite and i’ll have you on the team

Also town command centre is finished, but needs objects for the inside, if you wanna help on that

the textures are good and i like the displacements

our take on the town command centre even though every thing in the background wont be in map


this is hppav’s original map mesh, he used near 500 mb of reference pictures to get the whole town and other maps accurate

blue lining is texture transparency

I can’t spot any dinosaurs :c

We’re working on that now

You try this? :3