jurassic source

heres my first ever attempt at poses in gmod :slight_smile:

full points for enthusiasm but ye gods turn anti-aliasing on before you take the screenshot

well for one thing, set your graphics settings to the fullest next time, all the aliasing around the edges hurts my eyes

the pose of the Rex is actually pretty decent, if a bit stiff. it doesn’t look like it’s actually moving, just standing there waiting for the guy to crawl down its throat.

the angle leaves lots of empty space with nothing of importance to look at, and so i would have cropped the thing like this


This is actually a really decent image for a first.

I slapped some AA, basic color correction and a crop similar to Joazz’s on there just to see what it would look like. The posing is good enough.


Joazzz’s advice is spot on though. I’d also recommend using at least one lamp to act as the sun in the image and cast some nicer shadows.