Juri Han Model

request making ragdoll… i found this xnalara

She’s poseable but her face only has the eyes bones.
Pack contains the original model and 2 DLC costumes.


can be done easily if theres a plugin to import xnalara models into 3ds max or converted to smd hmmm

Actually, I checked out those models recently. The one on the far right has face posing, but it’s messed up.

Support this. We need more characters from fighter games.

Support, support, support…

gotta have more Street Fighter.

Roland was doing her, but he needed some help on something i don´t remember…

highly support this

Well if you simply need those XNAlara stuff in 3ds max to convert them to gmod i can give you .max files of nearly every model that’s available for XNALara. I convert stuff for that programm myself and i store this stuff in quite a lot of formats^^

That would be amazing if you did that.

Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?ahamysjbwg5k5kp

The 3rd one is just a .fbx file and i’m not sure if it imports right. The other two are .max files wich shoulld work fine^^

I hope someone picks up that model. It’d be nice to have another SFIV model besides the three we have.

shit if you can convert xnalara to 3dsmax format that would be awesome then i can put all them in gmod

Well not to mention mariokart released a maxscript recently as well.

The issue is that most xnalara models tend to be on the uh questionable side of good moral :stuck_out_tongue:

Support this.


i heard someone is working to import xnalara models to gmod hope this is true

Good to see people respects other people work and asks for permission…

As I see it, the only people who deserve credit are those who originally designed, modeled, and textured whatever object is in question.
You, me, and all of the other porters for Garry’s Mod or XNALara shouldn’t take any credit for any of the work, even if it takes weeks to do. Why? Because none of us did the long and hard work of actually modeling it.
Rigging is simple. Merging vertices is simple. Applying textures is simple. That’s all we really do.

So don’t try to get people to ask for your permission. The only permission they need is that of the original developers, who will inevitably say, “No,” (unless it’s Bethesda, Valve, or another company that strongly supports modding).

If it’s so easy like you say why not rip and rig the models yourself? would it hurt to just drop a PM saying “hey mate I’m converting your port to GMOD” you know what I would reply? Sure do it, there’s no problem.
Sometimes it’s good to let people at least know you are using part of they work… I would never deny any of my conversions to get into GMOD but at least PM me.
Yes I didn’t create the models, but if wasn’t for my work he would not get them rigged so a little respect is good you know.

I have done that on multiple occasions. Rigging is easy. It’s just long and dull. Time consumption does not equate to difficulty, however.
Half of the time we rip stuff, it’s just the base model with textures, and a new rig is required. It’s rare to be able to rip a model complete with the original skeleton.

Fair enough, but that’s simply notifying, not asking for permission. If you had simply asked for him to let you know about it, rather than suggesting that he requires your permission, I wouldn’t have even replied.

I phrased myself wrongly, sorry, notify is the right word as you said.
I like to see on what the models I converted are used for, I always said it.

edit: typo :x