just a bit of help: skining mistake

first i will say no i dont have Cs:s so you know, but i did have it on an alt steam acount which ive forgoten the pw for and also the pw for the email…

ok to the point, i was making a F-88 Austeyr (Steyr AUG - Australian version, pritty much no differents just the Australian version has bayonet attatchment on the barrol, and the colour is a bit brownyer green and some other things i dont care to discuss )

Cs:s had a model of this weapon, as i already know it will show up pink if i try and use any Cs:s models if i dont have css mounted, and the weapon sweps dont work eather.
so i borrowed one of the extra Cs:s custom skins, as a lay out, customized it to my likings, and well it worked when i tested it.
so now i have a world model that has a skin, and isnt pink.
now i started putting the swep together using a bunch of tutorials that made no sence, i evenatly just looked at other sweps to see how and what they did.
after a few minutes of messing around, i got my self a working swep for gmod the only problem is, once i got the skin to work for the v_model i think its called (first person view) the texture from the world model went pink?
im not sure what i did.

any way, someone able to tell me what when wrong, im still messing around with it but it dosnt like me.

Can’t help, but I am/was qualified to shoot an F-88.