Just a bunch of ramblings and random ideas

Since I don’t see the Rust suggestions board around anymore, here are just a bunch of musings I’ve had about future weapons/tools in Rust. Just wondered if anybody would have any feedback about any of these, or maybe some people might take the ideas farther if they’re any good (doubt it). Anyways, here’s some:

1.) Tranquilizer Dart Rifle: The new needles really has me hoping for something like this. It could fit as either a goofy or serious option, and would be a good option for trolls or players that want to take somebody out in a non-lethal manner. I don’t know how you would work the damage for it, but maybe a “status” effect that builds up, rather than down like health bar (or something). Maybe have a similar “damage” to a bolt-action rifle, where it would take several darts to knock somebody unconscious for a duration of time, keeping it in-line with the power of other weapons (rather than incapacitating in one shot, in which it would become too strong). Probably has been suggested somewhere already, but I really like the idea of this.

2.) A splint…if injured status comes back. Please Garry (doubt he’ll read this, but oh well). Please. xD I have wanted this even as a small patch for the Legacy version, because the Injured status from falling from a 2 ft drop is the bane of my existence in Rust.

3.)Armour piercing/incendiary rounds: I would like to see some of these for a mid to late game to cause heavy damage/ignore metal armour. I really like the idea of metal armour, but some sort of counterpart to it that ignores it would be nice to see. Maybe for balance purposes the rounds would cost more to make, have more recoil, etc.

4.)Notes and Signs: I’m pretty sure this has been done to death, but some sort of way to leave a message for somebody else would be pretty neat. Maybe even in a somewhat different way than a lot of games, such as leaving it with old spraypaint, blood, charcoal, etc.

5.)More low-tier caveman/medieval era weapons: I know a lot of people are probably saying that swords and shields wouldn’t work, but I think it might be possible. Much as you have weapons that block bullets as a metal vest, you could eventually have metal armour, possibly shields (maybe something like a hubcap, with a strap/handhold on the back, and sheet metal stuck to the front), and swords. Maybe things that weighed more would cause you to slow down, making you more of a lumbering target that’s near impossible to kill. Mid-late game weapons could counter this with more powerful ammunition that could potentially ignore most of this armour.

6.)Modern Military “Power” Weapons: Maybe after a certain point, once more weapons/armour are introduced to the game, high-grade military weapons/ammunition, and armour could only be found as a rare drop/event, with no way to repair them, create ammunition, etc. This way, they would be a very powerful asset that would give whomever controlled them an edge, but they would fall out of the world’s economy quickly due to scarcity and inability to maintain them. This could include the old C4/Kevlar (maybe make it the most bullet resistant armour, low melee/arrow resistance but lightweight), a better sniper rifle than the bolt (possibly scoped), M4, etc.

7.)Siege Weaponry: I don’t know how well this would work out, but it would be kind of interesting to add a battering ram, catapult, or maybe a mid-game cannon that you could wheel around to knock down walls to get into a base. It would beat using the monotonous use of C4-type of weapons, or bashing down walls with rocks (especially if high-grade walls become immune to them). It might even encourage more online raiding; it would pretty funny to attack a modern, well established base with some catapults, armoured-knights, and naked men with rocks.

8.)Late-Game Power, Base Defenses, etc.: This one I even don’t know how I feel it about it 100%, but I always thought that an endgame for Rust using a generator fueled with a type of bio-fuel/oil would be pretty neat. The ability to pump water into your base for thirst, cook meat electronically, possibly other things such as electronic door locks and sentry guns (not sure on that at all, but might work); it could create an environment in which players would have many luxuries, but would like to play more due to the fact that you would have to keep the base powered in order to use their facilities. Not only that, but electronic locks/defenses could stop working if the generator, watermill, or something like that were to be destroyed, making base raids much more of a tactical thing vs. blowing down random walls and flailing about.

Anyways, now that I’ve regurgitated a bunch of nonsense, feel free to praise it, bash it/hate it (within ToS of course), expand/detract from certain things, or just completely ignore it. :slight_smile: