Just...a couple of trains? Please?!

Seriously I feel as though this game is useless.

It’s just weapons, ragdolls, cars, hell I’ve seen planes modelled more.

Seriously I would really like some actual MODELLED trains (no, converting shitty collisioned and low-textured trains from another game is NOT modelling. So think twice, douchebag) because theres only ever been 2 modelled for the Source engine in my eyes.

A phoenix train which was a test object but still served it’s quite useless service.

That big russian frieght engine that wasn’t supposed to be a model but a map model.

Really, now, can we just have some god damn trains?
You amerikans have a small variety of trains so you’ll know what to make instantly.

How about a british train;

Just look at that thing!

Now look at our favourite frieght train;


Look at that thing. I’ve only seen it 3 times and those 3 times it was going faaaaast with alot of frieght haulin’ on it’s ass.

Never seen this, but on RailWorks, you really don’t want to go at 100% speed. This thing will derail so fast due to the fucking speed (reached 200 mph going down a slight hill)


It’s on some route called Seeaghburgh or something. I think it’s German, if not, Swedish, if not, then I don’t know!

So come on, can we have a couple of these modelled? With some frieght (I shall get thy pictures if needed).

They’ll need to fit PHX wheels.

Fuck you and your whining about “content-less shit post”. Mass pictures of fucking stuff right here.







I second this statement

lets lay some track for the gmod train community


I’m working on some British stuff.

No SVN stuff! Dear god, please!

Aren’t you converting trains, though? That’s low quality rape.


SVN fails. Don’t say otherwise (or I’ll just stick my Birthday 15th Middle Finger up in your face if you say I’m doing it wrong) because it just plainly, does, not work.


Great. I guess I’ll go commit again, see if that fixes it.


Try now.

“Seriously I feel as though this game is useless.”

… wait what? o_0

He’s an ultimate railfan. Much like me.

you FAIL, not the svn

I remember Kathar doing a whole set of train models. You can find them on his site for downloading.

I’m just going to smile and stick my middle finger up at you.

The Tortoise SVN, and others, fail. They just do, it’ll download them, then it will say “Failed” at the bottom and I find out it’s been installed.

SVN’s fail for this reason. I have had 3 people take over my PC and they all just went “What the fuck?” at why the SVN was failing.

So yeah, shush.

I prefer downloads. :frogc00l:

Your PC Fail then…

Nope! :smiley:

No, your PC is definitely screwed up if Tortoise SVN won’t load right and no one can figure out why.


Just for you, a .rar file containing the entire pack to date:


NOTE: Currently does NOT include any British trains!  Still WIP on those.

Wow, I tried to write “nightlight” instead of “highlight” there. :downs:

I take :love: for payment :smile:

Wait, are those the ones with the fail-collision models :v:? (Don’t take offence to that, I’m just quoting what some guy said ages ago because of the bad wheel collisioninininining

Americans have a quite large variety of trains, you are just being nationalistic. The train models chaoslord ports are good, but the textures are low res. If someone redid the textures it would be profit.

wow you’re a dick

“guys please give me train models even though i’m the only guy on the whole of gmod who wants them”

someone gives you trains

“they’re not good enough i’m a dick”

The ports, I admit, are good, but the collision models suck.

NeoDement you’re more of a dick than Garry D:

Yeah, collision models suck, I know, I wish I could figure out WTF they’re doing to go bonkers like that, but I can’t, so you’re stuck with it until I do figure it out, wow, I used a lot of commas in this post…

Why am I not surprised no-one has bothered to just…do something about their collision model :rolleye:?

I mean, when they were first released many modellers complained that the collision model wasn’t good. A few people actually said they would fix this :sigh: (read the fix bit on a different forum at the time) and it’s been how long?

Lol I like those trains, thanks for making this request dude.
Also much much more thanks to Chaoslord :slight_smile: