Just a few ideas for rust :)

Hey, these are just my ideas for things on the map :slight_smile:

I was thinking maybe we should add a research facility which would hold things like Blueprints (lots of them), Guns, ammo, food, but you have to be cautios as there would be lots of zombies

And you could add a army camp which would have things like Guns, Ammo, Blueprints but it would have LOTS OF ZOMBIES!

And you could have a barn which would have animals so you could get leather and food, and not to many zombies

And you could add a Mine which you could gather resources but not to many zombies as there would be lots of fresh spawns

And you could have checkpoints which are overrun which would have vehicles, guns, food and there would be lots of zombies

Leave more ideas below and if anyone has a spare key or account I would be gratefull if I could have it :slight_smile:

zombies will be phased out later in development.


Go post more of your ideas in this thread!