Just a few questions + introduction...

Hey everyone! :downs:

Sorry if I’m breaking the board rules, my apologies. Total noob.

My name is Roger, and I’m from a game called Blacklight: Retribution. Wherever I go I generally try to make a good impact on both the community and the game. I mean, I might annoy you or pwn you in game for no reason, but I will try my best to be as nice as possible. Got the game, was rather bored at first…then the fun stuff started to happen i.e. I went on a 24-hour all night, bandit hunting marathon and made a small community in my Mumble Server :v:

Fast forward the Coffee and lack of sleep, I like this game so much I end up buying 3/4 copies for my friends. I am really proud of such an amazing, potentally explosive concept coming from my fellow countrymen.

So, here are the questions!

  1. Tell me about ze forumz! Who shall I avoid and what should I avoid :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Are there are any community nights (regular or even irregular) or such gatherings?
  3. What is the best way to report/get rid of hackers and/or script kiddies from a Server and this Community?
  4. How active are the Devs in this game and the forums? Is it easy to get in contact with them?
  5. Is there any team-chat function ingame or a way to assign groups so we don’t Friendly Fire each other? :3

I’m asking these questions because I really want to see this game grow. And IMHO, one of the best ways is to ask the devs themselves to jump on and play/compete with the players in Community Nights from time to time. Even if they don’t attend, getting together the forumites is pretty awesome.

Honestly, more than anything, I’d rather not get in the way of anyone’s efforts of establishing a Forum Community Gathering or Community Nights. So I’d really appreciate some guidance/contact from anyone who wants to help me.

I’ve got a 1,000 Slot Mumble VOIP Server ready if anyone is interested…

P.S. Anyone ever thought of having some fun-only Clan Wars or Group Wars? :stuck_out_tongue: Get ‘x’ amount of people together, assign two groups, set a no-PVP time for the first 3 days…and then go to all-out War! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading,


  1. No idea
  2. You can follow the progress here: https://trello.com/b/lG8jtz6v/rust
  3. Currently, no.