Just a few screenies I made when bored.

Heh, oddly, I’ve never done this before, so, if they look kinda bad, sorry.

Scout making it up to heavy for taking his sandvich

They imprisoned the wrong man.

A friendly game of basketball, probably mismatched. The reflections in the map somehow got fudged up, which is why the ball looks a bit weird.

Demoman enjoying his job.

Tuck dem butts in.

yeah, I likely should have fixed heavy’s posture in that one.

Use TF2 maps for TF2 poses.

Demoman’s dick. I should have guessed it was huge and green.

I did. Those are both custom Gmod maps made with TF2 textures and such.


And you just gave me an idea for another image.

2nd map i understand you might have problems with tf2 textures
download this: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=70149
made by me :3

1st map, don’t use it for tf2 poses
just no