Just a few suggestions

Some of my friends and I play on a low pop server while alot of people belive that this may not give us the full aspect of the game it lets us look at some smaller things that could possibly be implimented or changed so here is a very short list

  1. the geiger counter noise is extreamly loud i think possibly dialing it back a bit would be nice
  2. the plus on the crafting menu has to be clicked every individual time this is a pain for those that craft a massive amount of something at once
  3. when holding the shift key you can not stack items
  4. sometimes when you loot your shift key will get stuck off meaning you have to mash it a few times to be able to run again if you are holding shift when you loot

i know gary and his team ( cant forget their are others working on it too ) are very busy with the attack but i thought that these few things were worth a mention

About point 2 if you hold shift and click the plus it will add +10 and if you hold ctrl it will add the max that you can craft.

Nice to know that mate :DD