Just A Harmless Game[Firstperson] Guy aiming a dart gun at someone.


My first pose.
C&C please.

Good for a first. Rated optimistic for being a rising star :3


I notice the guy has a dart gun too.

He’s also leaning over the ledge.

Oh no, that guy wouldn’t!

“Tonight at Eleven, local man killed after falling over a railing while playing a game of dart tag. His friend shot him with a dart while he was leaning over a railing. The surprise of the dart hitting his back caused him to tumble over rail. Was this accidental or planned? More news at Eleven.”- News Report on aftermath.

so i’m not the only one who makes first person poses! the guy on the balcony pose looks okay but the dartgun looks a bit weird


first one it even get’s better

Really nice for a first, mate.

Keep it up!

German version of CS:S.


I thought of this when I started a random map(de_inferno) and saw the balcony. At first it was going to be a guy about to push someone off the ledge, but I thought the dart gun related death would be funnier. There is no editing at all because Im lazy and thought it looked good by itself.


This reminds me of an episode of The Fresh Prince of Belair I saw 2 days ago.

Nostalgia, this reminds me of old Nerf commercials.
(My dad still has one of the Nerf guns from the seventies that he uses to shoot at me for fun)

XD nice one.

The dart gun looks like a modified banana.

Didn’t even think about it like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The dart gun was made by sHiBaN. He also made some pretty awesome things. Here’s a link to his profile on garrysmod.org: http://www.garrysmod.org/user/?u=24680

I was bored so i sat down for 20 minutes and edited this.

I dont even see any thing diffrent.

Looks like he blurred stuff and darkened the shadows.