Just a heads up guys

There seems to be a replacement to coderhire. It’s called Coder4hire.net

Your welcome.

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title, crap thread. Yet again." - postal))

Don’t mean to be accusatory or overly suspicious but thought I’d mention this.

Even though I’ve never used “Coder4hire.net”, when signing up, it asked for an email, I gave it one I’ve never used before and received “You’ve already registered, please wait. An email has been sent to your email for verification.”

Looks a lot like they’re using steam authentication and asking for an email address in hopes of phishing the users steam email address.

That or they have a big issue with the registration functionality.

Either way, just figured I’d inform the other users just in case.

not mine, its a friends. And yeah, that is a bug that ive noticed, but ive used it and its allright (except the damn thing hasnt got enough ppl on it yet to make it worth while)

It never asked me for my email address.
If you brought it up with the maker I’m sure he’d correct that in a heartbeat.

It is asking me for an email - I thought having a SteamID with Garry’s Mod was enough verification. I’m not signing up until the email request is removed.

Apparently the TOS does not work and it says you must agree to it as you register your email. When you click ‘Read TOS’ it brings you back to the submit your email page.

Everything about this screams phishing attempt to me. I would not register for this site at all.
Also very UTT

Google says they’re 2 pages on this site, I would not trust this site at all. As well as, the stylesheet only covers what’s on the main page, so it’s unlikely this site does anything but prompts for login details.


The developer stooped updating it and you can get the code for free and change it if you want.