Just a Introduction, i could start Developing


Im gonna write down my experience and History of making Addons for Garry’s Mod.

I know many languages, GModLua(its kinda special) aswell as C#. So Developing new Addons/Gamemodes for S&Box would only take a few days to get into a Workflow.

In my last decade of GMod-Addon Development, i wrote tons of Addons, here are a few of my favorite ones:

I have a few C# Projects on GitHub, but they have starved, because i have found better ways to solve my problems. (github.com/catSIXe/datahoarderfs)

Server Travel by Train

A very recent development, of an System to allow you to traverse between Servers by taking a Subway. Fully Clientside Animated.
Demonstration: https://youtu.be/mvtvuZPTft0


A Snackmachine for a friends cinema server, with throwable food-swep (github.com/catSIXe/snackmachine).

An realistic Busmod

It was based on top off the Sligwolf’s Bus Mod. It added realistic gearbox simulation, aswell as a fully functional Display&Passenger Information System(with Announcements for next Stops).

Ocean of Cranes (Gamemode)

It was a gamemode, where you had max 4 Teams, spawned on a ocean map with boats(one Player can drive, others can collect). They have to collect loot out of the sea(some of it is swimming on the surface, some of it deep under the water). Collecting points => upgrading your boat etc…


It was a mod, made exclusively for a Server, which after the relaunch didnt took off, so it never really got used, besides me and my friend who made the Models for it. You had the ability to connect different Types of Generators(Coal, Diesel, Solar), to Splitters, then to Consumers(Plant growing lamps, electric fences, ).

Post 2 vv down below vv

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Scripted Ferris Wheel

It was an Addon on top of already made Models by a Friend.
It was spawning multiple props, aswell as all the Gondels and the Wheel, connecting them by constraints and applying physical angular force, when players are sitting inside the Gondels(which are teleported into a free, on-the-fly generated seat). (Remake, after loosing backups of it: GitHub - catSIXe/scripted-ferris-wheel: Still W.I.P)

Screenshots: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Hopefully i can convince someone at FP to maybe drop a key, otherwise im just gonna wait. But right now, i have a few months of high-focus free-time which i would rather spend on something useful like s&box, than something else.

For the past year I’ve been tutoring a fellow Garry’smod and S&box enthusiast in GModLua and C#, He has been actively engaging in support and debugging of our current server network. With his experience in mapping it would be excellent for him to be able to learn the new Hammer as soon as possible so we can begin developing new maps for our upcoming S&box projects.

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Sorry, showcasing your work and being an active member of the community is not how you get a key anymore, the only way right now is to go around asking people with access to nominate you.

Thats the way how to annoy everyone :joy: im pretty sure there is a better way.

Why maybe?

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Im gonna do it anyway.
But it depends if i can start soon, or when it fully releases. If it happens later this year, i would have to strictly manage my time to include s&box development, right now i could just waste burn trough 16/7 of the next months dedicating myself to this game.

“waste” - referred to as, wasting myself to something, only living from caffeeine, while magically playing coding music on my keyboard to do magic in the game.

Wouldn’t be a waste in my opinion :wink: