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So I recently made a thread on PE’s forum about their copyright claims and how they have absolutely no proof that they are the copyright holders. Thread got a little back and forth between me, Sandwich, and Killslick. I kept applying pressure on them to release pictures of the copyright agreement with Hunts’ name blacked out, since that was their main concern. I realize that everyone is sick of PERP drama, but I just want to show the whole shadiness of this matter.

Now the thread is gone, after a few replies in which Killslick claimed he owns the right to PERP since he bought the PE name. I don’t have pictures of those replies, but I do have a picture of Sandwich’s reply in which he once again restates his excuse for not showing any proof.

I also have a screenshot of a PE admin telling me that they will delete the thread, which I will not share as of this moment because I don’t want him getting shit from Killslick and Sandwich, but which I am willing to share if it comes to that being a necessity.

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Something I’ve been meaning to do but don’t care enough to do; email the EFF and ask them what they think. I’m sure they can straighten this out in a matter of minutes (though I wouldn’t encourage wasting their time on something as trivial as a lua gamemode you all only care about because someone is claiming copyright to it).

Thats actually a good idea. I care about this gamemode because I was around it for three years, at different communities as they came and went. One of those communities being the new PE. It saddens me to see them wreck something that I and so many other people supported both as players, donors, and admins. The tactics they use to try to further their agenda is even more disgusting. Things like trying to get people in trouble at other communities they partake in, and veiled threats and such. Just disgusting really.

Well, in that case, one of you who care about this gamemode should write up a good email to send the EFF, post it here for us to review, and then send it off to see what they think. I would consider them to be some of the best and brightest in this sort of stuff.

I’m just going to start hosting broken PERP servers just so I can get a DMCA takedown request.

I >want< them to sue me.

Would certainly be interesting. Make sure your host has a spine, though, and doesn’t cave on a DMCA request.

Or you could just make sure that your host isn’t deeply connected to PE and wouldn’t sell you out because PE is a bigger customer.

So much drama and copyright bullshit for a shit coded gamemode?


I practically colo myself, without the hassle. The guys at the datacenter are the ones that told me to do it just so they can laugh when I get the request.

Why would you even bother going through all this trouble if you don’t believe that they are the owners? If you got a takedown notice then just file a counter-notice and it will be up to them to then prove they really are the holders – which would be difficult since the copyright isn’t officially filed and everybody who has the gamemode basically has the source code.

I don’t know if they worked out some deal with the creator or not, but all of this is pretty silly.

We’ve had this debate… Lets not do it again.

-Nobody gives a crap about PERP
-The owners and all related are retards and fail @ PR
-They use copyright notices to shut down competition because they realize nobody cares about their server being pulsar effect.

Can we spend some time maybe focusing on the good communities we do have and let the shit like this die in the natural hands of ARRRPEEEE kthnx…

please correct me if i’m wrong, but if they have it “pulsar effect” copywritten, shouldn’t it kinda be in the U.S. Copyright records? hmmm, i searched for anything with the word pulsar… odd…

I didn’t get a takedown notice, I never ran PERP. I’m just showing this to show just how shady PE is. After KS and Sandwich couldn’t defend themselves, they just deleted the thread. I just find it appalling that they seem to be filing false DMCAs and threatening people over something that they don’t own.

I think it comes down to the money side of it, they want more people paying for donator rank’s that give you perks. The more perp servers you take down the more likely that the players will join your server and waste there money on perks.

hah, made a post that just got deleted.

It would be pretty cool is dozens of people started going on their forums and posting stuff like this.

also, could someone provide me with a place to get said gamemode compatible the gmod 13 so i can put up a mass of perp servers just to go against them?

I can’t testify for it, but here you go.

What happened with those guys? Can someone explain it to me?

They apparently “bought” the copyright to perp or something and are now sending DMCA notices to unauthorised servers running perp. Now everyone has a hate boner for them, and are wasting their time trying to fight with them on it.