Just a little UI-Redesign

What do you think? do you like it?

ooowh damn

i think i like this pretty hard ^^

Nice !

This is really good, big step up from what they are working on at the moment on trello.

Fits the game theme really well, clean, slick and easy to read.

Would like to see this design.

thank you guys! it could be much better, this was just a quick shot (30minutes)… :slight_smile: maybe i´ll work on new screens later.

Love it!

The armor preview is probably my favorite part.

this is sick, Hope they use your idea.

Dig it!

Nice work man, looks clean… Hopefully they do something similar with the clothing tab

1000 times better than the new UI being developed by Facepunch

You did it in 30 minuts, facepunch does it in 3 months.

Good job !

(Above is sarcastic, don’t be butthurt Rust fans)

Very well made. FB could learn a thing or two from you.

I like the little tiny dots enveloped in the grey background, gives it a fuzzy look that looks better then just a solid color. Also blur effect when opening the inventory is nice, puts more focus on the inventory screen.

Very nice, ambitious, but nice.

Damn very nice. Hopefully when Rust is completed the UI will look something like this!


nice, I like it that the crafting menu font is much easier to read

Awesome so this is a real working UI or is it just some screen shots in PS or something.

Nice, the Armor preview is great.
They work on the UI since weeks,
and yours is way better, lol :slight_smile:

To everyone saying " you did better than fp " :

He only did the design/art part of the UI. FP had to fully rework their current UI system. and that’s why it took them so much time to do it.

(but OP visual work is 100x better LOL ).

Just Photoshop Screens.

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you´re right. As i said, it was only a quick-shot. just for fun.