Just a man on his way...


All In-Game


ALSO, there’s a SNIPER somewhere in all that shit, find him and you get a WINNER!


did I get him?

Where is that model from?

your welcome

Not sure why Luahelper rated this dumb but ok, the pic looks good and I’m really digging the striding motion he has going on’.

In my opinion,I dislike the picture because it’s too empty and bare

Then you should of posted crits like you just did.

In case you haven’t noticed, the only time an image gets rated dumb is either “A. It’s a really bad image that the community as whole hates” or “B. fararon just rated it dumb as usual”

What’s the deal with Faraon rating everything dumb anyway?

He’s just a crazy russian.

The Irony burns

He has the inability to like images that are good.


He thinks he should be the only one who can pose and edit, I should say.